“Oh my god! I hate my job!”, “I don’t want to go to the office!”, Did you ever feel that?
What are you exactly doing in your job and why are you still there? Or do you feel that you don’t belong there and deep inside wish for a change?

If all these expressions are relatable to you, then hold on tight my friend because this article might enlighten you for your better tomorrow.


Now, let me ask you one question – Why are you still doing work that you don’t love at all?
If the answer is money, then no matter how good you earn, are you really happy inside for what you do?
Will money overcome the everyday frustration and irritation from your life?

Of course money is important aspect for living but the bottom line is that you should “Love what you do!” Many a times I have heard from senior people saying that, “I wish I could be an author”, “I wish I could have taken that Hotel management job.” I have heard people from banking industry saying that, “I wish I could be in Advertising.” I asked all of them, “Why not?!” They all said “NOW ITS TOO LATE.”

No, my friend “ITS NEVER TOO LATE!

If you have that “ZEAL” for your dream work that you always wanted, then don’t let your old job with heavy experience effect your decision to Switch your career. No experience gets wasted.

You can always earn money if you believe in your passion and use it in a productive way.


Many successful people you know in the industry, have switched their career just to reach where they are now!

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was a senior vice president
at D.E. Shaw & Co., a Wall Street-based investment banking firm.Being in such a good post and company, he personally felt unsatisfied with career.
One fine day, he observed the tremendous growth that internet was reaching and decided to use it for a new innovation. In his 30’s he came up with the idea of “Amazon” and decided to change his career. He was ready to take risk. In an interview he said “I don’t want to be 80 years old and in a quiet moment of reflection, thinking back over my life and cataloging a bunch of major regrets.”

He took steps towards his passion and believed in it. He did not let fear or regret come in his way. His courage has led Amazon a success, and the company is Rank 3, according to Forbes list of top 100 companies in the world.

If he can do, so can you!
So go ahead and fulfill your dreams!

Take a step towards a new beginning of your career today, or you’ll end up regretting for the rest of your life.
ONE DAY OR DAY ONE? You decide!



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A Digital marketer who is passionate about her work. I always believe that " Pen is Mightier than the Sword" and wish to influence people by writing. With the help of this blog i aspire to enlighten individuals who are looking for self-improvement and social welfare.

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Shorya jain
Shorya jain

What an inspirational piece. Loved it.