Listening to her favorite song, she continued jogging in the park just like every day. She stopped for a moment to change the song and suddenly realized that people were whispering about her. At that moment she heard two people saying, “Look at the clothes she is wearing! How shameless of her to wear this crop top. I bet she doesn’t have any values.”

Shattered by those harsh comments, she ran back home and quickly stood in front of the mirror. She knew that she wasn’t dressed inappropriately but still checked herself thrice at that moment.

To her that event was a realization phase as to how society literally evaluates a girl’s character on the basis of clothes that she is wears.

If a girl is wearing clothes that are short in length, the society will construct a predetermined notion that she is a very stubborn, non-serious and a spoilt brat. On the other hand, if a girl is wearing suit, the society will perceive her to be very obedient, caring and kind. Yes! India has evolved over the time and in some cities, clothing now is not an issue. But still there are places where women are pointed out for their dressing sense.

The fact that our society has labelled suit and saree as “decent clothing” has restrain women’s liberty of wearing what they like. There are even times when women who are in their mid-50’s are judged just for wearing jeans! We are so much accustomed to seeing women in a particular manner that a little bit of change will result in criticism.

Let me ask you a question, “Do you chose your friends according to the cloths they were wearing all year?”, I bet that would not be the sole criteria to make a decision about that person. While making friends you obviously see the nature of that person. Then why is there a social judgement on clothing. We tend to pass our judgments based on what seems obvious, which is usually not the case. You may never know you could find a gem of a person, who can totally understand you and make you happy. I can definitely say that “One should not judge the book by its cover.”
I, being total tomboyish found a great friendship inside a person, who was wearing a mini skirt. Infact, we jelled up so well that in no time i started calling her my best friend!

The basic trait of a person remains same in his/her entire life. Clothing is just an outer covering and has nothing to do in defining one’s nature or character.   


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